About me

Alex Leroy

Funnel coach

Hey, my name is Alex Leroy (breaking news !) and I'm 31, married, a child on the way, and accessorily owner of a lazy cat. Like, extra lazy.

I'm what you could call a typical man in the street. Not gifted at anything in particular (ok, I'm not that bad at repairing things here and there, but does it matters..? Please tell me it does!).

Hey, no wooden language, you probably are too ;) But don't worry buddy, it's actually not as bad as it sounds ! There's a beginning to everything.

I was formerly working as a mechanic. I actually quite liked my job, and my boss was alright ! Maybe it sounds odd to you, but it's true, so why should I make up stories ?

Only thing which bothered me was the remuneration. Wasn't paying that much to be clear. I'm not a venal guy, but hey, when you're done paying the rent, food, gas, etc, what's left ? Not much in my case.

I confess, Your Honour, I wanted more.

About 3 years ago I stumbled upon an e-commerce course. The triggering. I gobbled it up and asked for more. And though there's a bit of a procrastinator in me, I actually applied everything I was taught.

You must understand that, I'm far from being a "geek", I actually had some troubles at some points.

And not much time to dedicate to my newfound passion at first, since I didn't immediatly leave my job (I wanted to be 100% sure I could afford a departure).

It took me a bit (ok... A lot!) of hard work, but I managed to create a fully functional store from scratch.

The results were not as tasty as sold in the training, but still, decent.

However I realized, in late, that my business was too heavily dependent of the advertising.

I've started working on my SEO, but to this day it's not really outperforming, it might take some time before it rewards concrete results.

In the meantime, it's becoming harder to generate good results through ads.

Just like 3 years ago, I found myself searching for alternative sources of income.

I came across Sebastian Gomez, who's now my business partner, who taught me alot about the affiliation marketing through some intensive 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Yes it costs me some money, but hell, it was worth it !

Sebastian then designed, with the help of his premium students who I'm proudly part of, a private course to help people making extra money through this business model.

It's been a year since its creation. We've undergone some serious tests with this pool of students in order to refine the core material, and now that it's fully polished, it's ready to be made public.

And voilà ! Here I am today, sharing with you the result of all these experiments !

But this time... It's actually F-R-E-E ! Well, not forever of course, but for some time !

So, take action while it's available for free, and enjoy ;)

And please... Give us your feedback !